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Courses for Summer 2011

Medical History and Bioethics 559:
Topic: Ethics and Health Inequality.

Instructor: Paul Kelleher

When is an inequality in health status an inequity or injustice? What is the value of equality? Should equality be construed more as a desirable feature of distributions (e.g. of income or health statuses) or as a virtue of social relations (as in a “society of equals”)? Does the specific cause of an inequality affect its moral urgency? Might the goal of health equity ever conflict with the goal of making everyone healthier? The first week of this 3-week intercession course will survey several ethical approaches to understanding the nature, value, and importance of equality. The second week brings ethical analysis to bear on recent work in social epidemiology and health economics on the social determinants of population health. The third week will focus on international health inequalities and will ask whether and why citizens in rich countries have urgent duties to aid those who suffer ill health in developing countries.

Not cross-listed

3 credits.

9:00am - 12:00pm M, T, W, TH, F
(May 23-June 10, 2011)

Prerequisites: Graduate students and Professional track.

Medical History and Bioethics 999:
Advanced Independent Study

Instructor: Staff

To be arranged with instructor.

Not cross-listed

1-3 cr.; A (Advanced)

Time to be arranged

Prerequisites: Grad stdts who have the Masters or equiv, or Postdoc fellows who wish to undertake an independent research project.

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