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Courses for Summer 2013

Medical History and Bioethics 431:
Childbirth in the United States

Instructor: Karen L. Walloch

American women's childbirth experiences from the colonial period to the present. Childbirth as a cultural as well as a biological event. Basic physiological information for understanding and evaluating changing approaches to pregnancy and childbirth.

Crosslisted with History of Science and with Gender and Women's Studies

3 cr.; S (Social Science), D (Intermediate or Advanced)

MoTuWeTh 1:00PM - 4:00PM , STERLING 1313

Prerequisites: Women St 103 or 430 or equiv; or cons inst

Medical History and Bioethics 734:
Topic: Climate Change Ethics

Instructor: J. Paul Kelleher

This course explores central ethical issues raised by climate change. Issues to be addressed include: whether individuals have responsibilities to curb or eliminate their climate emissions; whether states or nations have distinctly political duties to address climate change; the ethical bases of economic evaluations of climate change; whether it is proper to discount the moral importance of harms that will occur in the future; how properly to evaluate changes in the size and makeup of human populations; and which nations (if any) ought to sacrifice development and/or increases in living standards in order to lower the risk of catastrophic climate events. Course evaluation will be based primarily on one short paper and a longer term-paper.

Not cross-listed

2 cr.; S (Biological Science)

9:00-12:00 MTWTF (Meets Tuesday May 28, 2013 - Monday June 10, 2013, from 9am-12pm daily in 1116 Biochem)

Prerequisites: Grad student or instructor consent

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