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Department Events

Brown Bags

Brown Bag talks occur at Noon on Fridays in the Bradley Seminar Room, Rm. 204 in the Bradley Memorial Building, or sometimes Union South; the room will be advertised when known; look at the TITU/Today in the Union schedule on the day concerned.

The schedule of upcoming (and past) Brown Bags can be viewed at the History of Science department website.

February 3 (Friday) at Noon

Brown Bag: Leslie Reagan, Professor of History, University of Illinois
“Research on Secrets, Fears, Sex, and Death.”

Location: 204 Bradley Memorial
February 3 (Friday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Leslie Reagan, Professor of History, University of Illinois
“Seeing Agent Orange in the U.S. and Vietnam: Disease and Disability, Museums and Memorials.”

Location: 976 Memorial Library (Special Collections)

Co-sponsored with History of Science.
April 7 (Friday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Diego Armus, Associate Professor of History, Swarthmore College
“Continuity and Change in the History of a Modern Habit: Smoking in Buenos Aires.” (event poster)

Location: 976 Memorial Library (Special Collections)

Co-Sponsored by the Department of Medical History and Bioethics, the Department of the History of Science, and the Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program. Funding courtesy of the Anonymous Fund, Kemper K Knapp Bequest Fund, and Lectures Committee General Fund. Free and open to the public.
April 18 (Tuesday) at 1:00 pm

Ninth Annual Bioethics Symposium
Title: “Queering bioethics: Ethical Issues in LGBQT Health Care.”

Save the date - more details to come.

Location: Health Sciences Learning Center, Room 1306 (map)
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