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Brown Bags

Brown Bag talks take place at Noon on Fridays. A schedule of upcoming History of Science Brown Bags can be viewed on the History Department Events web page.

October 3 (Thursday) at 4:15 pm

Ethics and the Social Cost of Carbon
Paul Kelleher, Associate Professor, Departments of Philosophy and Bioethics

The Nobel Prize-winning economist William Nordhaus has called the Social Cost of Carbon (SCC) “the most important single concept in the economics of climate change.” This talk will explicate the SCC concept, in part by distinguishing between two very different types of SCC. It will then explore the complicated role of ethics in the construction of SCC values and in the way those values are used by policymakers. (event poster)

Location: 1533 Mechanical Engineering, 1513 University Avenue (map)
November 7 (Thursday) at 12:30 pm

Humans as a model for animals: Patterning preclinical reproducibility reform after clinical research
Nicole Nelson, Assistant Professor, Medical History and Bioethics

Location: Room 8411, Sewell Social Sciences, 1180 Observatory Drive (map)

Hotlz Center STS Brown Bag Event
November 13 (Wednesday) at 7:00 pm

Understanding the Ethical Landscape of Human Genome Editing
Robert Streiffer, Professor, Medical History & Bioethics and Philosophy

Location: 1100 Grainger Hall, 975 University Avenue (map) (event poster)
November 22 (Friday) at Noon

Experiences of Irreproducibility: Students’ Stories
Nicole Nelson, Assistant Professor, Medical History and Bioethics

Location: Curti Lounge, Room 5233, Humanities Bldg (map)

History of Science, Medicine, and Technology Program Brown Bag Event
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