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Daniel Hausman

Title: Herbert A. Simon and Hilldale Professor, Philosophy

Interests: Questions concerning the concept of health, the allocation of health care
 resources, and the role of preferences in measuring health and setting
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Fax:(608) 265-3701

Office:Room 5197, Helen C. White Hall


Ph.D., Columbia University, Philosophy, 1978

M.Phil., Columbia University, Philosophy, 1975

M.A.T., New York University, Teaching, 1971

B.A., Harvard University, English History and Literature, 1969


"Preference, Value, Choice, and Welfare" book cover image Daniel M. Hausman, Preference, Value, Choice, and Welfare (Cambridge University Press, 2011).

"Economic Analysis, Moral Philosophy and Public Policy, 2nd Edition" book cover image Daniel M. Hausman and Michael S. McPherson, Economic Analysis, Moral Philosophy and Public Policy, 2nd Edition (Cambridge University Press, 2011).

Selected Articles

Daniel M. Hausman and Matt Sensat Waldren, "Egalitarianism Reconsidered," Journal of Moral Philosophy 8:4 (2011), 567-586.

Daniel M. Hausman, "A Lockean Argument for Universal Access to Health Care," Social Philosophy and Policy 28:2 (2011), 166-91.

Daniel M. Hausman, "Valuing Health: A New Proposal," Health Economics 19:3 (2010), 280-96.

Daniel M. Hausman, "Valuing Health," Philosophy and Public Affairs 34(2006): 246-74 34:3 (2006), 246-74.

Courses taught

Philosophy 341: Contemporary Moral Issues
Philosophy 524: Philosophy of Economics
Philosophy 555: Political Philosophy

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