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Department News for 2014

“Keller named Associate Dean of Division of International Studies”
December 2014

Professor Richard C. Keller, Department of Medical History and Bioethics and History of Science, has been named as associate dean of the UW–Madison Division of International Studies. Starting January 2015, Keller will serve as the chief faculty advisor to the vice provost/dean on a range of international issues and will assist with general administration of the division. In addition, he will serve as liaison to the International Institute and play a lead role in promoting collaboration among key stakeholders. Further details about Rick's new position are available at the International Studies web site. Congratulation Rick!

“Disclosing/Enclosing Thematic Cluster”
December 2014

A trio of Medical History and Bioethics faculty - Linda Hogle, Pilar Ossorio, and Kris Saha - and a faculty colleague from the History of Science department - Nicole Nelson - form the team leaders of an exciting thematic cluster titled Disclosing/Enclosing. This cluster is being funded by the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies and intends to build connections across disciplines and forge new intellectual directions in STS research at UW Madison. Specifically, the Disclosing/Enclosing cluster will investigate the many paradoxes of information flow through the lens of enclosures and disclosures of knowledge.

The cluster began this Fall 2014 semester with a full schedule of events, and will resume in the Spring 2015 term with an equally busy agenda, including taking part in a conference in April on the UW campus titled Secrecy and Transparency. Please visit the STS web site for more information about this cluster and its schedule of events.

Cluster leaders (left to right): Linda Hogle, Pilar Ossorio, Kris Saha, and Nicole Nelson:

Linda Hogle, Pilar Ossorio, Kris Saha, and Nicole Nelson

“Professor Pablo F. Gómez garners UW ‘First Book Award’”
November 2014

Hearty congratulations to Assistant Professor Pablo F. Gómez, History of Science and Medical History and Bioethics, who has received a 2014-15 “First Book Award” from the UW Center for the Humanities. Pablo’s book, titled Wondrous Bodies: The Early Modern Caribbean and the Imagination of the World, builds on his extensive research into the history of medicine and corporeality in the early modern African and Iberian Atlantic worlds.

About this award, “The Center's First Book Award is funded by a short-term humanities programming grant from the A.W. Mellon Foundation. The First Book program is open to all tenure-track, junior faculty in the humanities and interpretive social sciences with manuscripts that are near completion, but still in a position to benefit from review. The goal is to turn solid and promising manuscripts into first-rate books.” Please visit the UW Center for the Humanities website to learn more information about this well-deserved accolade.

“Krishanu Saha receives NSF CAREER Award”
September 2014

Krishanu Saha has received a NSF CAREER Award to improve the genetic engineering of stem cells. Saha, an Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Engineering and Bioethics and the Medical History and Bioethics departments, will use his his $400,000 National Science Foundation CAREER Award over the next five years to focus on improving the process to directly evolve DNA sequences and proteins in human stem cells. Congrats Krishanu.

Further details available at

“New STS Initiative at UW: “Disclosure and Enclosure””
September 2014

Linda Hogle, Nicole Nelson, Pilar Ossorio, and Kris Saha will lead a new initiative entitled “Disclosure and Enclosure: the Paradoxes of Information Flow in Knowledge Communities” to advance interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach on the social study of science, technology, and medicine.

This new thematic cluster is funded by the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies. More information can be found at

“Welcome to Aaron G. Wightman”
August 2014

We welcome Aaron G. Wightman, MD, MA, Assistant Professor in the Medical History and Bioethics and the Department of Pediatrics. He is a pediatric nephrologist and has research interests in ethical issues around informed consent and related research ethics questions.

“Romnes Faculty Fellowship to Claire Wendland”
June 2014

Claire Wendland, an Associate Professor of Anthropology with an appointment in Medical History and Bioethics, has been honored with Romnes Faculty Fellowship. These awards recognize exceptional faculty members who have earned tenure within the last six years.

Selected by a Graduate School committee, the eight 2014 award winners will each receive an unrestricted $50,000 award for research, which is supported by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

“Professor Emeritus Norm Fost Retirement”
May 2014

Congratulations to Professor Emeritus Norm Fost, who retired in May. One of the early champions of the field of bioethics, he served in the Department of Medical History and Bioethics and the Department of Pediatrics and developed an enormous body of work in clinical research ethics over the years.

“ACLS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Alumnus Brad Moore”
May 2014

Brad Moore has received a two-year American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Public Postdoctoral Fellowship to work as the Research and Partnerships Manager at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House in New York City. Lenox Hill is a 120-year-old settlement house that provides an extensive array of effective and integrated human services—social, educational, legal, health, housing, mental health, nutritional and fitness.

Brad completed his Ph.D. titled "Healthy Comrades: Czechoslovak Hygiene Services and the Pursuit of a Communist Modernity, 1948-1958" in 2013 (Advisors: Richard Keller and David M. McDonald). Congrats Brad!

“Andrés Ramos Mattei-Neville Hall Article Prize to Pablo Gomez”
May 2014

Pablo Gomez’s 2013 article, “The Circulation of Bodily Knowledge in the Seventeenth-century Black Spanish Caribbean,” published in Social History of Medicine has won the 2014 Andrés Ramos Mattei-Neville Hall Article Prize for articles published in 2012 and 2013. This prize is a biennial prize that recognizes the best article in the field of Caribbean history and is awarded by the Association of Caribbean Historians. Well done Pablo!

“Professor Richard Keller wins 2014 Koren Prize from the SFHS”
April 2014

The Society for French Historical Studies has awarded Richard C. Keller the William Koren Prize for his article, “Place Matters: Mortality, Space, and Urban Form in the 2003 Paris Heat Wave Disaster,” published in French Historical Studies 36, no. 2 (Spring 2013): 299-330. The Koren prize is awarded annually for an outstanding journal article published on any era of French history by a North American scholar in an American, European, or Canadian journal. (Prize Citation)

“Professor Susan Lederer to give 2014 AAAS Sarton Lecture in Chicago”
January 2014

Professor Susan Lederer will be giving the George Sarton Memorial Lecture in the History and Philosophy of Science at the upcoming 2014 AAAS annual meeting in Chicago on Saturday, 15 February 2014, at Noon. The title of her talk is “The Living and the Dead: Biomedical Science, American Society, and the Human Body.”

For more details, please visit the AAAS meetings web site at

“Capstone Teaching Award to Bridget Collins”
January 2014

Bridget Collins has received a 2013 Capstone Teaching Award for her outstanding work as a University of Wisconsin teaching assistant. In recognition of the critical role TAs play in undergraduate instruction, this campus-wide award acknowledges teaching assistants who have performed as outstanding teachers throughout their UW-Madison tenure. Nominees are dissertators at the end of their graduate program and planning to defend their dissertations by the end of the school year. Bridget is a graduate student who is finishing her dissertation titled “From Cradle to Grave: Infectious Disease in the 20th-Century American Home.”

Warmest congratulations Bridget on this well-deserved honor!

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