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Department News for 2017

“New Health and the Humanities Certificate now available”
November 2017

A new Health and the Humanities Certificate got underway in Fall 2017 with a five-course, 15-credit program designed to give students a fuller and more nuanced understanding of health that complements study in the biosciences. Co-directed by MHB faculty Nicole Nelson and Judith Houck, the certificate also lists MHB department chair Sue Lederer among its core faculty members. Please visit the certificate program’s web site for more information. Also, please see the recent L&S news article, titled Better health through the humanities, about this new certificate.

“Micaela Sullivan-Fowler named Distinguished Academic Librarian”
November 2017

Congratulations to our own Micaela Sullivan-Fowler (Curator and History of Medicine Librarian at Ebling Library, as well as Ebling’s head of marketing and communications) for being named Distinguished Academic Librarian! This rank is given only to those who “demonstrate exceptional performance, are recognized beyond the work unit as outstanding, and have a reputation of excellence in the profession.” As we know, Micaela is exceptional in all these ways–not to mention the wisdom, empathy, warmth, and charm she expresses in all she does. We are lucky to have her as our colleague!

“Vicki Fama Daniel garners AAHM Shryock Medal Essay honor”
May 2017

At the recent American Association for the History of Medicine annual meeting in Nashville, History of Science program graduate student Vicki Fama Daniel received a First Honorable Mention in the Richard H. Shryock Medal Essay Contest for her paper titled “Medical Identification and the Emergence of a Forensic Paradigm at the 1949 Noronic Disaster.”

Congratulations Vicki!

“Forthcoming book by Professor Pablo F. Gómez”
January 2017

Assistant Professor Pablo F. Gómez's forthcoming book, The Experiential Caribbean: Creating Knowledge and Healing in the Early Modern Atlantic, will come out in April from University of North Carolina Press. As described by the publisher, "Gómez examines the strategies that Caribbean people used to create authoritative, experientially based knowledge about the human body and the natural world during the long seventeenth century." (please click ‘here’ for more details and how to order.) Congratulations Pablo.

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